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As the season of the winter monochromes descends, the summer wind carries a fresh fragrance of the spring blossoms that instantly lifts up the mood, and just like that, mornings are filled with a lot more sunshine and cheerfulness, afternoons are longer, and evenings are great for soirees. Just like nature changes its appearance, the transition from winter to spring/summer sees a shift in our wardrobes too. It’s time to tuck away the sweaters and wearables weaved in heavier fabrics and textiles, and bring out the colorful, light, breezy essentials that’ll keep you feeling cool, relaxed, and effortlessly fashionable all summer long. Needless to say, suit sets rank high on our list for they are as comfortable, versatile, and easy to carry, and of course, for our forever love for ethnic Dupattas!

While summers are great to flaunt the colour palettes you’ve been hiding under the winter layering, it is also a great time to flaunt weaves that resonate with the elements of summer. What better than Banarasi that sings florals, birds, and all things summer? Banarasi suit designs, just like sarees, explore a wide range of motifs with Zari work that work very well with summers, as though they are a match made in heaven. Fusion Banarasi suits, too, explore motifs like flowers, creepers, animals, and birds that further elevate the summer feels. Whether it is sarees or ethnic co-ords like Banarasi Punjabi suit sets, we at Padmashali love to experiment with summer ethnic wear with Banarasi suit designs in various colour palettes, whether quintessential Banarasi suits designs colours or modern, fusion Banarasi suit renditions with pastels and other colours of the season.

Whether it is sarees, traditional Punjabi Banarasi suit sets, or more unconventional fusion Banarasi suits, we at Padmashali believe that fabric plays a big role in making this weave summer-ready! While many other factors like the make of Banarasi suit neck design, back design, sleeve design, and overall tailoring define how summery the outfit may look, fabric really is the deal-maker or the deal-breaker when it comes to comfort.

If you ask us, we won’t be able to lay a finger on one favourite fabric, but you can make your pick on Padmashali, and shop some gorgeous summer Banarasi suit designs. Here are a few fabrics we recommend.

Cotton Banarasi Suits

Traditionally, cotton Banarasi suits were not the most popular choice of fabric but in modern textile artistry, it’s making waves as it’s a classic combination of comfort with elegance. Cotton Banarasi suits make for great daily wear during the daytime.

Georgette Banarasi Suits

Georgette is super popular as a fabric for pure banarasi silk sarees as it is delightfully light. However, Georgette Punjabi Banarasi suit co-ords are also a summer essential if you’re looking to keep your look light and breezy for stepping out during the sunshine hours.

Kattan or Silk Banarasi Suits

While we are not necessarily calling this our only favourite, we at Padmashali do have a soft spot for Kattan or silk Banarasi suit designs. Heavier in feel and richer in look than its other counterparts, Kattan Banarasi suit designs are just right for evening soirees or summer weddings. Tailored with the right kind of pattern for summer-ready Banarasi suit neck design, sleeves, and other elements, you just can’t go wrong with a silk Banarasi suit.

Kora or Organza Banarasi Suits

If there is anything that reflects summer ethnic wear at its best, it has to be the combination of organza, Banarasi, and a delicious colour palette. When decked with just the right amount of motif work, Kora Banarasi Punjabi suits are a tough one to beat. Organza also lifts a fusion Banarasi suit design like no other fabric.

So, go on, switch up your summer wardrobe with some stunning summer staples in Banarasi. Shop online on or in-store at KB House, Vishnu Garden, Bilaspur Road, Jagadhri, Yamunanagar – 135001.

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