The world of our Padmanayikas, connected by several Sutras—strings of connection.

Sutras of age-old artistry meeting its modern-day muse. Sutras of the past meeting the present to inspire the future.

A connection of her true identity with a medley of her fashion choices, moodboard of her imagination, heart full of her emotional and creative expression, collection of her stories and confluence of her thoughts.

A vision-turned-reality where she finds her voice, her confidant, her inspiration

  • Padmasutra
    Whenever you speak of handlooms, as a true connoisseur, it is hardly possible to miss Chanderi. A beautiful sheer, glossy, and rich textile, Chanderi, whether cotton or silk, takes the shape of the ethnic wear it is tailored in—sarees, suits, Chanderi Anarkali dresses, and beyond. A popular summer choice, Chanderi is truly a trans-seasonal weave that breaks all barriers of trends and times! While it has been in vogue for a long time, did you
  • Tying Unbreakable Knots with Heritage
    Bandhani, a term derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Bandh’ meaning ‘to bind’ or ‘to be tied with’, is an instant, colourful, and refreshing memory of the heritage of the evergreen Gujarat. But did you know Bandhani is actually popular among several communities not only from Gujarat but other states like Rajasthan, Punjab region, and Tamil Nadu where it is also called ‘Sungudi’? Bandhani is a form of historic tie-and-dye handloom technique that is loved by
  • Padmasutra
    As the season of the winter monochromes descends, the summer wind carries a fresh fragrance of the spring blossoms that instantly lifts up the mood, and just like that, mornings are filled with a lot more sunshine and cheerfulness, afternoons are longer, and evenings are great for soirees. Just like nature changes its appearance, the transition from winter to spring/summer sees a shift in our wardrobes too. It’s time to tuck away the sweaters and
    Rang De Basanti: The Symphony of Yellow and spring For anybody who understands Indian culture or is simply curious about the elements, the significance of colours is one of the first things that will strike a chord with them. Colours play an important role religiously and culturally, defining moods, celebrations, and occasions, not just in India but all over the world. However, it’s the diversity and the intensified fusion in everyday life that enriches its
  • Indian Heirloom A Style for every Story
    The community of designers, independent boutiques, brands, and artisans, like us at Padmashali, committed towards reviving heritage weaves of India has seen a dramatic increase over the last decade. While some weaves are seeing a slow yet steady revival, some forms for their versatility, exclusivity, and heritage value are already enjoying global popularity. And it’s quite safe to say that Ikat is one such weave! Painstaking, timeless, unmatched are only a few among the many
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