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In a world full of trends, welcome to the universe of classics.

Padmashali - The Weaving Saga

Founded in April 2019, Padmashali is a contemporary synonym for everything classic. With our conscious work in homegrown ethnic fashion, we breathe a new life into ageing traditional weaves of Indian handloom, resurrected in their authentic form with just the right touch of modernity. Everything we do at Padmashali is designed with passion and made with love for the connoisseurs looking to indulge in ethical luxury.

From the Heart Behind the Brand

While most of us loved our dolls and cooking sets, Aastha Ritu Garg, Founder and Designer at Padmashali, grew up watching her mother drape sarees and spent hours in front of mirrors trying to imitate her. That’s where her love for classic wearables began. Aastha went on to pursue MBA and even worked as an Area Sales Manager at a leading coffee shop chain only to realise this wasn’t the path she wanted for herself. Combining her strong desire to start up on her own with the love for textiles and her business management abilities, she launched Padmashali—a label birthed out of sheer love and passion for the art of weaves.

Mused in Mythology

A folklore from Vishnu Puran speaks of Padmashali, the Master Weaver of Gods, born from the navel of Lord Vishnu, who wove a beautiful fabric out of intricate threadwork from the petals of a lotus flower. Inspired by this talent extraordinaire from the alma mater of Indian culture—mythology, Padmashali is derived from the words Padma, meaning Lotus and Shali meaning Weaver.

Crafted to Perfection

Every time you invest in Padmashali handloom, you’re investing in the finest of textiles, sourced and designed locally, and weaved to perfection. Our expert craftsmanship and meticulous quality is a promise in itself for every piece you take away will be a signature addition to your wardrobe of classic ethnicwear.

Timeless Authenticity

Our clothes go beyond the phenomenon of trends and are made to stand the test of time and seasons. They are not just a representation of authentic art as modern day wardrobe essentials but also outcomes of conscious and sustainable choices. Our idea of fashion converges with the slow, trans-seasonal fashion progression.

The Art and the Artisans

The first generation artisans from our artisanal history gave us a spectrum of arts and crafts that their successors have inherited. For the love of genuine handloom weaves, endemic to various parts of India, Padmashali has collaborated with several weaving communities who skillfully transform our designs into luxury ethnic wearables. As a conscious commitment to empowering women through financial independence, Padmashali’s work force comprises of 45% female artisans.

The Padmashali Woman

Padmashali is for every woman who identifies herself with us—rooted in tradition yet dares to give wings to her modern day dreams. She is cultured yet rational enough to challenge superstition. She loves her home as much as she loves being driven at work. She is successful yet humble enough to embrace her imperfections. Padmashali is for every woman who unapologetically chooses to express herself through her personal style statement. Her choice of fashion is complementary to her empowered self. She doesn’t demand for attention but her aura commands it—for her wardrobe is not just clothes but her way of effortlessly expressing who she is. The Padmashali Woman is timeless elegance personified.

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